Which female team has won the most FIFA Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Championship is held much later than the men’s soccer tournament. It was not until 1991 that this tournament was held in China for the first time, bringing together 12 teams.

In the first organization, the United States won 2-1 over Norway in the dramatic final, to win the championship for the first time. While the Norwegian women’s team won 4-0 over Germany to win third place.

In the years 1991 and 1995 – the number of teams at the tournament was only 12. In the second time being held in Sweden, the Norwegian women’s team won the championship after beating Germany 2-0 in the match final. While the defending US women’s championship won the third prize after a 2-0 win over China.

In 1999, the United States female was crowned again after beating the Chinese female 5-4 after the penaty series. While Brazil also won third place after beating Norway with the same 5-4 score also on the 11m mark.

The US team for the second time was crowned and was the first to take the throne in the home country. In 2013, the tournament continued to be held in the US, the German team won the championship for the first time after beating Sweden 2-1 in the final. While the defending US champions only finished 3rd after beating Canada 3-1.

In 2017, the tournament was re-held in China. Germany took the throne for the second time after beating Brazil 2-0 in the final. While the United States continued on to 3rd after beating Norway 4-1. Particularly, the Chinese host continues to empty hands in both times as the host country.

From 2015 and this year, the FIFA Women’s World Cup has been raised to 24 teams with the hope of more countries participating. Countries are also organized to host alternately, instead of focusing only in the US or China as before.

In 2019, the tournament held by France for the first time also promises to have many exciting matches, good balls and especially new elements. That will appear at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

There is also certain interest in men’s and women’s football. In the opposite direction, if the Brazilian male players have won the World Cup five times. Their female players have never been crowned.

The latest changes in the global women’s football cup

To be in the final the teams have to go through qualifying. In this tournament the home team will be placed to participate in the final round. The level and achievement of each team is the criteria to choose.

The final matches of the group stage are played at the same time to create fairness and avoid negative issues happening in the tournament. After a World Cup, the prize is the problem that many people care about. The best players and teams one will be given priority for the noble rewards.

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The global women’s soccer cup is organized this time with the participation of 24 strongest teams. These are the teams that made it through the qualifying rounds from Group A to F.

The form of organization is the same as in previous years. Each group will play 1 round and have a total of 12 teams in the first group, the second group with 4 teams ranked 3rd with achievements will continue to enter the knockout round.

The first is the 1/8 round with 16 teams will split to knockout. From there choose the strongest candidates to enter the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Right now the United States is the reigning champion.

As mentioned above the United States is the best-performing team in history with 3 times crowned. This will be a bright candidate for this season. The hansa women’s teams FIFA Woman World Cup this time as well as every previous time are treated equally with their male colleagues.

The president of the FIFA football federation in the tournament will take place attractive. Viewers around the world will be watching this thrilling match. Predict the number of spectators watching the game up to nearly 1 billion people.

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Before the tournament took place, this powerful man hoped to sell about one million tickets to the fans to watch the show live. Before the opening day, the president of the World Football Federation stated.

That the women’s soccer boom in the World Cup this time we will welcome nearly 1 billion fans. The players involved this time with the most advanced techniques will bring the audience an exciting match like never before.