The story of women’s football in America

There was a picture of female player Brandi Chastain kneeling on the grass. She was waving her jersey to celebrate and revealing a sport bra. After the decisive shot in the penalty series to bring the World Cup back to the US team at World Cup 1999.

It still remains in my mind even though time has passed nearly 20 years. The picture then appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine and the front page of many domestic and foreign newspapers.

It was voted as one of the 100 most beautiful moments of modern football and has completely changed the thinking about women’s football here. The US Women’s National Football Team made their first match at the Mundialito tournament on 12 August 1985.

They operated under Mike Ryan, a match that they lost 1-0 to Italy. But only 6 years later, in China, American girls brought the world gold cup back to the country.

Meanwhile, the men’s team doesn’t have many achievements, but it consumes a lot of money. American female players have brought many glory to their homeland. And they deserve benefits as high or even higher than the men’s team.

In the United States, almost every high school has a girls’ soccer field as well as a women’s college soccer tournament. The party featured the families of the team members.

The trophy and commemorative gifts are presented solemnly by the principal in the presence of the family as a reward. On the field, digital shorts student girls have toned bodies. Yet when they accepted the award, they looked very tall, beautiful and charming.

I also attended the grand Gala night honoring the female soccer players Jenny of UCM University. That team was competing at a density of two games a week. They have moved quite a bit of home away for the federal student league with nearly 30 games for the entire season.