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We are no longer recruiting for the Quake football organization as we are embracing the end an amazing run of fifteen years of tradition!

But if you are seeking to still find a local team feel free to contact us at info@CaliforniaQuakeFootball.com and we can assist you to a local team. Thank you


-If you're out of shape, don't worry our coaches will train you during the off season and pre season to get YOU football ready! DO NOT be discouraged if you're out of shape, we expect you to be out of shape but we WILL GET YOU INTO SHAPE!!

- This is FULL contact with gear and we love to HIT! Just like NFL but with a bunch of amazing motivated passionate women!

- With or without athletic experience. ALL ARE WELCOME! This is a teaching and learning environment.

- You do not need to have any previous sports background, we'll teach you all the necessary technique, rules and will provide you a once in a lifetime experience!

- Must be at least 18 years old and there is no maximum age limit. If you are not of age yet or would like more information please still inquire with us as we have other alternative programs available.

- Players have a non refundable "Membership Training Fee" (may vary season to season, training fee based on estimated budget for the season approximately between $400-$700). Final training fee will be determined no later than January/February of every season. You can pay out of pocket OR you can get sponsors, sell Quake Sponsorship packages, group and individual fundraisers and so many other options to raise the player training fee. If you are concerned you are unable to afford the fee there are many alternatives to raising your funds so please do not be overwhelmed. All funds are due by April, before the first game of the season. There is a required payment plan created for all players to ensure and gurantee you are paid in full by the deadline.

- You are responsible for purchasing your own shoulder pads and helmet but we'll assist sizing and finding the right vendor (can cost $150-$250 depending on brands, style, etc...). You are also able to raise additional funds to pay for your one time equipment cost. New and used equipment is available for purchase, please inquire with management or other players.

- Organization will provide uniform (game jerseys and pants) to borrow for the season. Players will keep HOME jerseys only at players expense with customized last name.

- Practices are 2-3 times a week Tuesday, Thursday 6:45pm - 9pm (around the City of Lynwood, Long Beach, Huntington Park vicinity) and Saturdays are approximately between 10am - 2pm location to be determined. Practice schedule may vary slightly season to season.

- Season consists of 8 regular season games (4 home & 4 away, possible travels to Arizona, Nevada, within California or other possible locations)

- Games are on Saturday's with a possible 2pm, 6pm or 7pm kick off times but must arrive 3 hours prior to kick off. Most games will be about 2-3 hours long. It's best to clear your entire Saturday for home games and entire weekend (Friday night until Sunday) for away games.

Off season: September to December
Pre-season: January to March
Regular season: April to June
Post season: June to July

- Must have valid proof of medical insurance no later than end of January (prior to hitting) and sign the Quake waiver liablity form.

- Team roster usually consists of 30 or more players (students, business professionals, mothers, etc...)

- We do community events, fundraisers, Quake events and most importantly PLAY FOOTBALL!

- You must be able to commit and dedicate yourself to the entire season (we understand that you'll miss some practices, games, etc.. because of other planned obligations due to work, school and other personal obligations). Just be sure to inform the coaches and management of previously scheduled events in advance.

If you would like additional information to join the Quake organization please complete our Quake online form.

1440 FOR LIFE - one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in the day we think about football!

Practice, Training or Player Athletic Evaluation dress code:
-Solid black shorts/bottoms (Quake shorts will be available for purchase $15)
-Black and/or dark grey/charcoal solid shirt
-Bring running shoes/cleats, and football gloves (if you have them)

*Must be at least 18 years old. No experience needed. Be sure to have proof of insurance and copy (front and back) of driver's license/ID.

*If you do not have a valid medical insurance upon attending the Player Athletic Evaluation you are ABLE to participate but you will eventually need medical insurance come January. Please talk to management about a short term medical insurance option.

OTA - Organized Team Activity. OTA is frequently used for the off-season, where players attend OTAs, which is not one single event but is a term generally refers to practices, meetings or other events in the off season. OTAs usually allow the players to prepare for what's to come for the upcoming training, playbook schemes and for the regular season.



MISSION STATEMENT: The Quake organization provides women athletes the opportunity to play tackle football. We aim to lead by example, through our determination and perseverance while making a positive impact in our community. We are honored to make our contribution to yet another pivotal accomplishment for women in sports, which courageous women before us have embarked.
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