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Quake wear their hearts on
their jersey

California Quake Women's Tackle Football

By Vivo | Saturday, 30 May 2015

Los Angeles, CA - Quake host the Utah Falconz for the first time and it was like no other game anyone could have ever expected. Falconz were stacked with 35+ players and coaches along their sideline. As the Quake sideline was slightly less but a mighty determined army of about a dozen active players, 2 coaches and a few inactive injured players holding down the home field turf. Quake did not show fear, nor hesitation of any concern, as they warmed up like any other game and brought their game face!

Falconz dominated the scoreboard and took the victory home back to Utah. But I can tell you, they did not take away the love of the game, the fight, the heart and soul of this mighty "Dirty Dozen" California Quake football team. Suddenly this game was not about winning or losing, or about the score, it was about being able to throw down and finish 60 minutes of hard hitting iron-woman football! Twelve players entered this gridiron battle with one player in rotation, no injuries, minimal breaks, and literally gave everything they had and left their hearts out on that field. Their fans stood by them and cotinued to cheer them on. Quake did not seek the mercy rule, to a running clock, they simply wanted to play the game; all 60 minutes of it. Nothing was more poetically beautiful than to see this team finish with such determination and such Quake pride. Their sweat, tears, blood and battle wounds does not go without recognition, as that bitter taste may not be the feeling of victory but battles such as these are what creates the foundation to a future championship organization. 

At the end of the game, both teams gathered together praising one another. Falconz were graciously and proudly expressing their gratitude for seeing the Quake team finish the game with so much heart. As we see women's football continue to grow season after season, the roster can fluctuate in size from 15 to sometimes 35 without notice or any reason. Without these amazing female athletes, women's football, the Quake organization would not exist. A rebuilding season such as this year, where the players need to play iron-woman football, Quake finds the best players who wear their hearts on their jerseys! The Quake players held it down this season and played iron woman football like I've never seen before.

Football is not just about the game, it's about family, on and off the field. It's about trust, it's about heart and it's a life learning experience. By the end of it all they realized it's for the LOVE of the game!

Honorary FUTURE
Quake Player!

California Quake Women's Tackle Football

By Vivo | Saturday, 9 May 2015

Name: Genevieve Helene Heredia, 7 years old
Team: Lakewood Pop Warner League, flag football and Tiny Mite tackle football
Position: Quarterback and Linebacker

BIO: Genevieve is the middle child of 5 kids. She started her sports journey doing Gymnastics for a local YMCA and playing Tball. While watching her older brother play football, she had insisted when she was old enough she'd like the opportunity to play flag football by 5 years old.

Genevieve played during the off season, then wanted to play for the same league as her brother, the Lakewood pop warner.  Fully confident of her abilities she was signed up for another year of flag football. She surpassed all of our expectations. Once that season ended she wanted to play tackle. She has been waiting for the opportunity for a long time. Her family supported her but she needed to prove to her family she was serious about the sport and to work hard. Needless to say Genevieve practiced her heart out and played another year of off season flag football. Keeping to our promise she was then signed up for the Tiny Mite team in Lakewood. She was a strong player last year and occasionally played as their Quarterback and Linebacker. Once again surpassing everyone's expectations and being known as one of the hard hitters. She anxiously waits for the upcoming season to start where she is moving up in her division. She's accomplished so much in the world of Pop Warner football and has overcame many obstacles being that she has always been the only girl to play in all her teams. Genevieve has been keeping herself occupied by playing Softball for Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch and had an opportunity to play as catcher for her team. Genevieve's team respectfully just won The 8U Championship last weekend in Long Beach and the Quake has chosen her to be the 2015 Honorary FUTURE Quake Player!

California Quake Women's Tackle Football

We invited her at the May 9th game, in honor of Celebrating Women because she didn't know women's football ever existed as this caliber and now we share with her that her dream has become a reality! We congratulate her for all her accomplishments for everything she's done at such a young age! Look out for Genevieve as we know we'll see her on the gridiron as a future Quake! Remember her name! 

The Quake fully supports her in all her future endeavors and we look forward to coming out to her game this coming season!

Quake defeated by the Nevada Storms

California Quake

By Vivo | Saturday, 25 April 2015

Los Angeles, CA - It was a gloomy and windy Saturday afternoon at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex-Jackie Robinson Football Stadium. Quake faces off the Storms for the first time this season.

In the first quarter, it seemed to be a scoreless battle until the Storms were able to capitalize on a blocked punt which placed them in goal line situation. Sure enough seconds later, Storms took the lead 6-0. Quake carried themself as best they could with a short bench but surely ended the first half Storms 26 Quake 0.

Quake acquired a few injuries and couldn't do much but they did not give up. In the second half they held the Storms offense from ever scoring again. Offense stepped up their game and dominated the clock and scored in the beginning of the 4th quarter leaving the Stroms speechless showing signs of hope Storms 26 Quake 6. With about 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter Quake wanted to shorten the lead and as they were about to score inches to the goal line, there was an unfortunate fumble and Storms defense ran it all the way back for a touchdown. Ending the game Storms 33 Quake 6.

Quake struggled yet another battle but never lost hope. It was a without a doubt an impressionable game to the fans and to the Storms never giving hope and fighting til the last second. An army indeed that has yet to ever really feel defeated. Win or lose, this team has amazing potential - ironwoman football. It's a must see, something that takes discipline, dedication, and most of all HEART! Looking forward to seeing them on their next challenge!

Quake has a well needed bye week. Next home game is on May 9th with a 2pm kick at Rancho Cienega Sports Complex. This is a special occassion celebrating Women & Cancer Awareness! WEAR PINK!!

A loss on the road

By Vivo | Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sacramento, CA - Quake hit the road for the first time this season and headed up to the bay area where they face the Sacramento Sirens, who return from a one year hiatus.

Quake receives the ball first and is off to shakey start. After a huge lost, with Quake QB #11 Seabloom getting sacked puts them 4th and long and they are forced to punt the ball. Sirens are in great field position and takes over. Sirens offense marches down the field after three minutes and runs in for a touchdown and the kick is good, Sirens 7 Quake 0. Quake offense had their struggles but had some good offensive series but could not seal the deal. By the end of the first quarter Sirens were up 14-0.

By all means the Sirens were not playing a perfect game as the Quake defense forced a fumble in the red zone and was recovered by Quake #32 Bible but the Quake offense was unable to captialize on their mistake. By half time the score was Sirens 21 Quake 0

Despite the Quake putting forth their valiant effort in this game the final outcome of this game was Sirens 49 Quake 0. Keep in mind they played with 15 and some injured. This game was played with all heart and all fight. Regardless of the score it is a victory in itself for being able to finish a game with such sportsmanship and Quake pride. Not many teams can find the mental, emotional and physical attributes that this small army of Quake players was able to accomplish that evening. One battle at a time . . .

Quake regathers and faces the Nevada Storms at home on April 25th with a 2pm kick at Rancho Cienega Sports Complex.

Kicking off the season with a win

California Quake

By Vivo | Saturday, 11 April 2015

Los Angeles, CA - It was a beautiful day in Southern California, like many other days, but even more so for a football game! The California Quake 2015 season kicks off against a fairly new local rival team, North County Stars. The new Quake Head Coach, Tim Holmes Sr has his hands full with an iron-woman squad for his inaguaral year. But he's no stranger working with a short roster, as he's been there before with his former team, Carolina Phoenix.

Quake receives the ball as #13 Shannon Yahn catches the ball and fumbles a bit but was able to get a good bounce. What could have been a bad start ended up being a great field position. Though, Stars defense held them and forced Quake to punt. The first quarter seemed to be a struggle for both teams to get anything going. Quake had a great offensive drive at the end of the first quarter. They started the second quarter threatening to score in the red zone, as new QB #11 Brittany Seabloom passes for intended #13 Yahn WR was intercepted by Stars #19 Vanessa Traut. But Quake defense was determined to put some pressure on the Stars QB and #21 Justina Duran changes the momentum of the game with an interception placing the Quake back in the red zone. #32 Lekeisha Bible runs it in for a TD and #11 Seabloom completes a pass to #13 Yahn for the 2-point conversion. Quake 8-0 with 8:07 left in the first half. Stars next possesion they find themself in a fourth in long and decide to go for it. Quake defense is at it again, rushing the QB giving her no time forcing a pass where #21 Duran swoops from behind with a pick six! Runs it back for about a 40 yard touchdown and her second interception and first TD of the game. Quake 14 Stars 0 at half time.

It was a bit quiet in the beginning of the 3rd quarter though things began to pick up for both teams. #21 Duran intercepted the ball two more times, taking one back for approximately 70 yards for her second defensive touchdown. #13 Yahn aka Flash picked up the pace in the second half completing a pass for her first career touchdown, 2 interceptions, took one back for a touchdown and retrieves a loose ball on a special teams kick off. #3 Emily Dieu also completes her first career pass completing a 2-point conversion. Final score Quake 34 Stars 14

This game was a team effort of each player coming from an iron-woman football team. #33 Cachrelle Bolden made a team high of 10 tackles for her career debut as team captain. Along with #32 Bible and #25 Veronica Calhoun racking up 9 tackles each for the game as well. #27 Chassity Arnold, quiet but deadly always found herself in the back field putting pressure on the QB got the only sack of the game against the Stars QB.

Quake off to a great start to the season, now hits the road to face the Sacramento Sirens this coming Saturday.

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California Quake women's tackle football team making international headlines as Catherine B. Vivo speaks out in a private one on one interview on how tackle football plays a vital role in her personal life!

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Quake featured in Long Beach Post

Local Lady Football Players Prepare For Next Season's Battles

By Matt Cohn | Wednesday, 28 November 2012 10:01

Professional football is alive and well in Los Angeles: Just ask the women who play it.

"What is there not to love about football? Football is my life and has always been my first love," says Catherine B. Vivo, starting quarterback of the Downey-based California Quake, L.A. and Long Beach's representative in the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL), which fields over 30 teams throughout the USA and Canada. Vivo, a life-long Charger fan from San Diego, also calls the plays in the boardroom - she owns the Quake.

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The California Quake was on Comedy Central, Tosh.0 on February 3, 2010. The Quake is featured in the web redemption segment of the show, assisting a football player who tackled his own teammate.

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