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A very long time ago, I remember standing smack center of a football field. The smell of lights burning from just being turned on, the entire stadium lit up, digging my cleats into the turf, looking into the glaring lights, as if it were the football gods looking down on me. Caught up in the moment, I expressed all my positive energy, dreams and aspirations about football. The victories, traditions, integrity, loyalty, a professional program and of course a championship ring. But most importantly building a legacy to leave behind. Every time I saw a field, I took a moment of silence between me and football to re-evaluate those dreams.

Football was not just a sport, it was my safe haven, my life, it lived and breathed within my blood stream. On and off the field, football was always there for me, through good times and bad. It was the one constant thing in my life, the longest relationship I’ve ever had. A third of my life was 100% dedicated to women’s tackle football. Without it, I would not be the person I am today. I had this love hate affair for football but it was my genuine passion, my love in life and it was the one thing that made me sane. Everyone thought I was obsessed and crazy for some of the decisions I made in life but I accepted that because it was something I only understood. Constantly being judged and criticized came with the job, but I understood my purpose and reasoning.  

Today every blink is much longer than a second, every breath is much more difficult to inhale and exhale, and the grunts, thump and thud of shoulder pads and helmets resonates throughout the empty stadium from afar. More than a decade has past, hundreds of people have come and gone, met people of all walks of life and I realize I have a new perception of life, new goals and ambitions but absolutely no regrets. Along side of me is my son holding my hand, the helmet in the other and I find myself walking off the field to embark a new journey in our life.

It is with heavy heart, yet with honor to officially announce the California Quake women’s tackle football organization will be embracing the end of an amazing historical run of fifteen consecutive years of tradition.

From sunrise to sunset and through the dark peak hours of the night, the California Quake women’s tackle football organization, has been MY LIFE, my passion, my love of everything and I’ve put forth endless hours of work that has brought me joy and tears yet pure happiness. It has been my main priority to achieve greatness and provide women the opportunity to play tackle football for which many others have, prior to me. I honor the many individuals that have started this journey before us and those that continue on this amazing path for generations to come. It is with great honor, pleasure and a humbling experience to have walked the battlefield with many, been trained and stood beside dedicated knowledgeable coaches, and worked with amazing volunteers and staff.

Thank you to the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) and the women’s football organizations around the world for your support and continuing efforts. California Quake would not exist without the IWFL, team owners, management and the hard working efforts of running football organizations pushing through season after season despite the many adversities we face on a daily basis. 

To the countless supporting sponsors, organizations, partnerships, companies, and most of all our amazing loyal fans – my sincere heartwarming gratitude goes to you all. Thank you for believing in the program and women’s football, which will continue to flourish.

This decision does not come lightly as I’ve invested a third of my life, finances, my body and well being, my career, set aside many other important priorities, for the love of the game, for the love of this organization. Sacrificing was easy but this is the most difficult decision I’ve had to do for myself, my family and the organization itself.

To the fifteen years of Quake traditions, the glorified victories, fourth quarter losses and the moral victories -  our legacy remains deeply embedded within my soul and imprinted into every individual that ever crossed our organization for however short or long period of time. The California Quake organization provided a sense of family, sisterhood, camaraderie on and off the field. I laid all my heart and soul, left it all out on the gridiron. I did everything I could do for the love of the game and to maintain the Quake traditions. This is to the journey we call LIFE – memorable experiences and lessons we take with us and nobody can ever that take away!

I wish each and every individual person that has been involved in the Quake organization, the best of luck in anything and everything they do. Always providing positive energy towards your way.

The legacy will always live on within me. Once a Quake, always a Quake!


Vivo, President

celebrating fifteen years of pride & tradition!

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Quake on NickMom Show:
Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor!

Show aired on Father's Day weekend Friday, June 14, 2014.
YOU MISSED IT? We got you! View the full episode and additional web exclusive extended football mom interview footage.

California Quake hit the gridiron with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor in the most fashionable possible way showing her how the Quake WOMEN and moms can play football just as well as dads. Watch us show her what it takes to be a full time career woman, mom and a football player! Let's hit the field with her and check out the awesome footage from this episode.

Quake would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for this gracious opportunity to NickMom TV, producers, staff and most of all Stefanie Wilder-Taylor!


Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
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IWFL 2011 World Championship

2011 Quake Player Posters Panda Express Restaurant Fundraiser June 18, 2011

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Quake organization provides women athletes the opportunity to play tackle football. We aim to lead by example, through our determination and perseverance while making a positive impact in our community. We are honored to make our contribution to yet another pivotal accomplishment for women in sports, which courageous women before us have embarked.
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